Saturday, 3 November 2012

Nurtural Bitless Bridles... The Dawning Of A New Era

As I was wandering around the Royal Winter Fair yesterday, I came across a booth that sells bitless bridles, called Nurtural Horse.  Curiosity took over, and I stopped in to inquire.   Eventually I will need to switch over to a bitless bridle with my horse Trovao, as recently melanoma has developed in his mouth.  Let me tell you that I am definitely interested in this bridle.  I would like to give it a try.

The Nurtural Bitless Bridle was designed by Gerry Guy and Zoe Brooks, on their farm in Northern Ontario.  Both Gerry and Zoe love to ride and have horses of their own.  They had tried a few of the other bitless bridles on the market and found that they did not work at all.  Working with the design of the bitless bridles and with the help of their Canadian mare, Hazel, they developed and patented their own bitless bridle.  Many hours were spent just listening to their horses, learning about their behaviours.  For example, how in order to have another horse back off, they stare at a spot on their nose.  So by applying pressure on the nose, you are able to indicate to your horse that you would like it to "back off" or stop, or back up.

So what is unique about these bridles?  The Nurtural Bitless Bridle has a solid crownpiece that ensures that the reinstraps do not slip, and provide gentle poll pressure that slows or stops your horse.  The reinstraps are held securely under the jaw by their patented Circle-X, which is adjustable so you are able to position the reinstraps properly on the cheek.  This design applies pressure on the horse's face only when you pull on a rein.  It also provides a constant pressure point under the jaw when you pull back on both reins that signals the horse to stop.  Nurtural reinstraps are shorter than most reins, however, they are able to provide clear consistent signals.  They attach close to the horse's mouth, giving you the same feeling as riding with a bit. The Nurtural reinstraps do not twist, tangle, or pinch the nose.  Each noseband has a rubber grip that stops it from slipping.   The final thing that makes this bitless bridle unique is that it gives better control of the horse than any other bitless system.  

If you are interested in purchasing the Nurtural Bitless Bridle, they are manufactured in 5 different materials, 6 sizes, English, Western, Driving, and Custom.  The 5 materials are nylon, synthetic, impressive, elegan, and ranchman.  The synthetic and nylon are available in a variety of colours.  Take a look on their website at, or if you are in the Toronto area you can visit them at the Royal Winter Fair until November 11.  

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