Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Back in the Saddle

Hey Neighbours,

It's been a long time since I have been back to my blog, but I thought I would make a return.  While this used to be a blog for school, I am going to use it as my own personal blog now.  Use it as a space to write about my adventures with my own horse, Trovao. 

First I should tell you a little about my boy.  Trovao is my very beautiful 15 yr old Lusitano/Andalusian.  I have had him from the day he was born and he is my pride and joy.  I had the pleasure of training him right from the get go.  So I guess you can say, he is all my fault.

I've loved horses ever since I was a little girl.  One of my favourite movies as a little girl was Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken.  It's based on the true story of Sonora Webster and Dr. Carver's Diving horses.  A fantastic watch for all horse lovers out there.  In the movie, she trains a grey horse that she calls Lightning.  This movie always made me want my own "Lightning".  Well, when I was 15, I was blessed with becoming the proud surrogate mother of a beautiful colt.  He was born during the year that, in order to register him, his name had to begin with a "T".  (I used to ride on a Portuguese farm, that bred and trained Lusitanos and Andalusians.)  My friend owned his mother and she had compiled a bunch of Portuguese names and told me the meanings.  Trovao was the one that stuck out the most to me, and surprise! It means Thunder and Lightning! Well I can tell you that he lives up to this name.  He does not know the meaning of stop, slow down, WOAH! Out on the trails, my friends and I love to let the horses go for a good boot.  Many have said that all they can hear from behind is the thundering of his hooves, and then they see a flash as I go whipping past.  Or, I just leave them in the dust, as he opens up a new gear. 

For the longest time, I was a dressage rider.  I studied Classical Dressage, which is a beautiful discipline.  It taught me a lot of the fundamentals needed to train Trovao.  I would feel great after our rides in the arena, but as the years went on, each ride became less and less enjoyable.  We would fight all the time.  I had begun to lose the bond I had built with my horse, and that was sad.  One day, I finally got the nerve to take him off the property on a trail ride.  This was not a great experience on our own.... Cows.... they are the devil.  On this ride, I met some fellow riders who told me to get in touch with a lady who rides on the neighbouring farm.  She often trail rides and was always looking for a trail mate.  Well that was the best thing that could have ever happened to us.  While I still make Trovao perform flat work on the trails to keep him in line, my love for riding has been rekindled, and our bond is stronger than ever. 

So what I plan to do, is recount the past couple of years and the progress we have made, as well as my stories going forward of our rides.  I hope you will enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed experiencing them. 

Until next time,

Ashley and Trovao

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