Thursday, 17 December 2015

Up and Over

Well what can I say, work is such an inconvenience when it comes to me wanting to get back in the saddle.  But I'm sure Trovao doesn't mind not having to carry me around for a few hours on some trails.  OK, I'm sure he does miss it, and me, a bit.  I definitely do.

In my last post, I introduced everyone to our friends, Christina and Rusty.  I began to tell you about how they have been such an amazing influence on us.  Our first time out, Trovao and I were in a rough spot with each other.  Years of nothing but boring flat work resulted in fights and both of us souring. Getting ut on the trails and away from the arena was the best thing that could have ever happened.  We have finally reconnected.  When Trovao met Rusty, I couldn't believe how well they got along.  Trovao trusted Rusty and he would do anything with him.  Rusty and Christina have seen us through a lot of firsts.  I didn't think that we would see these firsts, but we have and it's a great feeling.  I think the first story I want to tell you about is our first time jumping.

Now, Trovao and I have jumped before, but it was not graceful, nor was it actually over a jump.  When he was about 5, we jumped a ditch because a truck was coming up the road.  OK, so maybe I shouldn't count that one.  I've always wanted to try jumping. All I've ever known in the equestrian wold was Dressage, so the thought was kind of scary, but also intriguing. The ride started out like any other ride Christina and I had been on.  She met me at the top of the driveway and we headed out to the neighbour's bush.  Our neighbour has a team of Clydesdale horses that he drives through the forest at the back of their property, so they have a really nice trail that we incorporate into our outings.  Near one of the entrances, Christina had set up 3 jumps, as she used the trail frequently.  When we approached them, she asked if we would want to try going over them, or we could go around them, but she would be taking Rusty.  I thought about it for a second and decided why not, lets do it.  So after a few pointers about seat position, we were off.  Rusty broke into a canter and Trovao followed suit, only he wasn't calm, he was anxious.  Approaching the jumps, I kept thinking "don't spook, don't refuse, and don't dump me!" But Trovao was amazing!  One, two, three and we were over them all.  I was so proud!  He did not miss a beat, and I'm sure he cleared them much higher than he needed to.  It was at that moment that I felt a huge change in my horse.  He had discovered something new and he loved it!  He walked with such an attitude after that, so proud of himself for doing it.  Christina took us over another log jump that was higher than the first ones, and again he just soared!  What a rush!  The ride ended up on riding on the trails behind Christina's barn, where she had a few more jumps set up.  Well you guessed it, we went over those too with no problems (following Rusty of course).  The only problem I have now, is that I have created a monster.  Now when I ride the trails, and Trovao sees the jumps, he becomes like a kid in a candy store.   You can just feel the excitement coursing through him.

After a few rides on these trails and going over these jumps, Christina suggested that we go to her friend's property, where they have a jumping course set up.  Why not!  Let's see what Trovao can do!  Well for anyone who knows my boy, these ones were scary.  If it doesn't look like a natural log, well it's just going to eat him.  The trotting poles on the ground may jump up and bite.  But, after a bit of circling around, and convincing, he gained the confidence to go over.   Before I knew it, we were jumping over plastic rain barrels, tires, and coloured jumps!  Today I don't even need to follow Rusty!  Trovao has found something that he really loves!  And because he loves it, so do I.  Secretly, Trovao is not the only jumping monster that was created.

On that note, I'm going to end this one for now.   I'll be back soon to recount another story for you all.  Thanks for reading.

Ashley and Trovao

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